ideas are bulletproof.

         – Alan Moore  ( V FOR VENDETTA ) 

Whether you consider them good ideas or bad ideas, ideas cannot be destroyed, there is a record of them, there are people who support them, the only thing that you can do is discredit them. Ideas are created upon agreed truths, so by that logic, ideas are the bricks in the foundation of our society. For those ideas, can turn into ideology which will then turn into the status quo that are considered the norm.

One of the greatest influences in our society is the media in which we absorb daily and willingly. Whether that be through the entertainment industry, the content that it produces or popular culture, media has an influence on how we perceive our reality. However, just because media has such an incredible influence on someone’s life and may seem progressive, it does not mean that they aren’t prone to make mistakes or create norms within the industry that have a reflection on how society can act or how an audience member can view the world around them.

I am by no means, an insider within the industry, nor am I someone who should be considered an expert in the sociology and psychology of the industry and how it affects the world. I am a Korean-American woman who has watched and been exposed to many different types of media and genres.  I am simply an audience member that have seen how media influences me and researched the discourse in topics such as race in media and the impact representation has especially to a younger audience.

This blog is letter to those who consider these issues trivial to take a second glance, to question the ideas that were given to them and to wonder if what they once considered as “not a big deal” to be important and having an influence in the our society. This blog has the intention of breaking the perceived concepts of what is apparently normal in today’s world and bring into light issues that some may not be even aware as a problem.  To call out privilege and the institutionalized racism, sexism, and ageism within the world and inform an audience that may not be aware of the problems like that in the last five years only nine people of color have been nominated for an Oscar, and what that truly means. Those are the goals of this blog.

I have no intention of sugar coating these issues rather I want to make someone feel uncomfortable with the idea that it is normal for a woman to be used as a plot device for a man’s storyline or the over sexualization of Black, Latina, and Asian woman in media and how that affects the lives of  women in real life.

Ideas are bulletproof but that doesn’t mean they have to become the truth and norms of our society. If we want to claim that we are progressive and revolutionary, let’s have a discussion first on these issues that seemed to be shrugged off as unimportant.To be simply put, these ideas are no longer “not a big deal” anymore. They are important, they do have an impact, and they are not to be ignored any longer.


4 thoughts on “introduction.

  1. econtalk2017 says:

    I think that the issue of misrepresentation can be traced back to the content creators, whether this be due to lack of exposure or misinformation. And these biases can be seen in the content. I think a solution can be to include many more voices when trying to create content that is not normally produced or talked about.


  2. tinasaywhat says:

    I can’t wait to see what you have to say about this topic. I am taking a course right now with Stacy Smith that is all about what we do and don’t know in the media. It will be cool to compare your real life experience with what we are learning in the class?


  3. runwaystreets says:

    Im really excited for this blog and to see who you talk and bring to light issues that are often overlooked or not talked about enough but are still very important. The media definitely influences what we think and we need more platforms that showcase these important, such as this blog. However, racism, sexism, and age-ism (all the -isms) are very broad topics so im curious as to how specific you will get!


  4. downtowningblog says:

    I’m excited to see what issues you choose to tackle this semester. I agree that minute stories in the media can have a deep and lasting impact and a lot of times it seems like people want to diminish them completely instead of discussing them head on. I feel like often times the hastiness to discredit an entire issue indicates insecurity. I see conservative people in online comments all the time trying to discredit an entire topic instead of actually listening to why the issue may matter to someone other than them. Getting people to care about something is a difficult task so I think it’s super cool that you’re ready and willing to open peoples’ eyes.


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