in hollywood, pedophiles are praised.

Can we all just agree that pedophillia is wrong, disgusting, immoral,and most of all evil? I don’t think it’s too hard to do.  I mean not only are pedophiles destroying a child’s innocence. Pedophiles are ruining the lives of these children indefinitely. For the rest of their lives, sexually abused children will have to carry that moment in their lives that they are raped by someone of power, by someone they thought they could trust, by someone that they might have respected. Corey Feldman, former child star of movies like The Goonies, publicly stated that, “The No 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be, pedophilia.” So why does Hollywood still turn a blind eye to this huge problem?

Michael Harrah, former chair of the SAG Young Performers Committee, said that this was not uncommon in Hollywood, in the documentary An Open Secret. That this sort of thing was just a normal part of what Hollywood was. And he didn’t understand why people were so outraged by it.  It is not normal to be raped. It is not normal to be a victim of sexual abuse. It is not normal to be a victim of a pedophile.

But the problem here isn’t just the pedophillia, it is the fact that we aren’t doing anything to those accused or even convicted within Hollywood especially high profile directors that are known to be these gods of movies. We expect pedophiles to be criminalized and punished for what they had done, that their careers should be destroyed because of their actions. And yet why is it that Woody Allen is still praised for his movies and Hollywood seems to have selective amnesia when it comes to being publicly confirmed as a man who molested his seven year old adopted daughter. Or Brian Singer, who is a popular director most known for his work in the X-Men franchise, who was accused of being part of the pedophilia sex ring yet faced no dip in his popularity and demand as a director.  Or how about Roman Polanski, a convicted rapist of a thirteen year old girl, while is banned from entering or working in the United States, still gets a standing ovation at The Oscars and is still praised as a legend and as one of the best.

They are taking advantage of children coming into Hollywood with their dreams in hand. Only to learn later that the business may also include being sexually molested by men in high positions either threatening you or making promises of fame and fortune. This problem includes the fact that Emma Stone and Diane Keaton are still saying working for Woody Allen was a great honor while accepting an award on his behalf. The problem is Brian Singer is able to bring in friend and convicted sex offender, Brian Peck to have a cameo on X-Men, and while Peck may be stopped from working directly with children, that didn’t mean he had to stop working on shows featuring children. The problem is, Hollywood doesn’t seem to care that these men are pedophiles, and that’s wrong. 

We are letting this cycle of abuse continue by not being outraged that Woody Allen is up for yet another nomination even though he is a sex offender. We are letting the actions of these men go free which sets a precedent not only for their future actions but also the actions of other Hollywood elites.  We are praising them as if their actions were excusable and not deplorable.  We, as a society, are saying that pedophiles as long as they are directors or in Hollywood or in high positions within society, are allowed to get away with it. This is saying that the lives of these future children and the ones that had already been abused, are not as valuable as these men who make really good movies. Are we so morally bankrupt that we will continue to turn the other way when innocent children are being abused?

Hollywood is not shy about speaking angrily against a sex offender. Look at the outrage Meryl Streep showed against Trump yet in 2003 still gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski who was convicted in 1977 for his crimes. Or with Scarlett Johansson or Kristen Stewart and more A-List actors who are Woody Allen apologists that seem to use the excuse the fact that he wasn’t found guilty in court to mean that he didn’t commit the crime rather was just accused.

There are no benefits for a victim to come out as a victim of child abuse by someone powerful in Hollywood. They do not get any privileges or acclaim, most likely they will be labeled as the victim for all their lives like Samantha Jane Gailey who will be forever known as the girl that got raped by Roman Polanski.  There is nothing that they could possibly get out of coming out as the victim except to see that their abuser be punished and yet even Hollywood won’t give them that much.

If we don’t speak out about it, then we are part of the problem. Because we are contributing to a culture that normalizes this. And by normalizing something it becomes invisible as a problem. We hold these high profile cases to say ‘these are bad guys and we are good guys’ and I actually think that we are all a little bad when we don’t speak out. – An Open Secret ( 2014 ) 


2 thoughts on “in hollywood, pedophiles are praised.

  1. stephenmoellersblog says:

    I didn’t read this until just now, and this won’t count as one of my mandatory comments for this week, but thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy in Hollywood elites! The Meryl Streep point was extremely strong.


  2. runwaystreets says:

    This was a really necessary article because its disgusting how celebrities get overlooked for the crimes they commit. The points you made about Meryl Streep was very interesting because I remember watching the Oscars praising her for speaking about Trump, but I didnt know she did that back then. It almost feel like speaking about such things are “too touchy” and still in the same industry for them, but because Trump is a figure that most of America hates so it was more convenient to speak out about it. Its sad that not only does this happen in Hollywood, but in the music industry and sports also overlook pedophilia and abuse in general (Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Ray Rice) and it needs to change.


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